Don't Let Them Tame You: Feature at Jumper Nation

Don't Let Them Tame You: Feature at Jumper Nation

Check out our latest Feature: Q&A with Lynn Mueller from Jumper Nation

AtelierCG - Its a lifestyle - Don't let them tame you


Don’t let them tame you and Wear your passion are the two phrases that are the hallmark of the AtelierCG brand.  AtelierCG, founded by Cindy G., is a Los Angeles based small business that specializes in luxury accessories.  Inspired by Cindy’s love of horses, the collection is handcrafted in the USA and created for longevity in both design and function.  AtelierCG creates leather goods, jewelry, and apparel.  You never know what gorgeous, thoughtful design you might discover.  I sat down with Cindy G. to learn more about AtelierCG and was truly struck by the passion in her design, voice, and overall dedication to the equestrian lifestyle.


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