AtelierCG products are designed in leathers that get better with age. However to keep your bags and accessories  in top condition follow these guidelines.
For all bags please avoid direct sunlight, heat, rain and oil. 

For cleaning your leather bag, empty all your contents and remove loose dirt by gently shaking your bag.
With a dry cloth, wipe out the interior of your bag.
Dip a damp (definitely not wet) cloth piece in a very mild detergent solution and wipe the surface of your leather bag. To make sure that the cloth piece is not wet, you can wring it out properly after dipping it in the solution.

Dry your bag thoroughly in a dry, dark shaded location. You may want to avoid drying your bag under direct sunlight as this will make it dry and fade its color.

Finally, apply a coat of leather conditioner/protector to maintain its original sheen and softness. Make sure to use the right kind of conditioning product for different types of leather as they require different types of care.
Saddle and finish leather will probably just need a conditioning cream every once in awhile. Saddles soaps and creams are good choices. Applying protective and conditioning products before using a leather bag, and at regular intervals once the bag is in use helps to prevent drying, cracking, staining and mildew. Always apply the product to a rag never directly onto the leather as that can cause staining.


Store your bag in a dark, dry, cool place to prevent fading or mildew issues.  Do not use plastic bags. Plastic bags emits chemicals that can damage the leather.