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Designer Cindy G. with her horse Khumbe Cornwall

Designer Cindy G. and her horse Khumba Cornwall for Simplee Focused

Interview with Lori owner at SIMPLEE FOCUSED

I first saw Cindy's Instagram post on @AtelierCG and fell in love with her equestrian jewelry and leather accessories, (I don't leave home without my leather card holder) but I wanted to get to know the person behind these fabulous products. I wanted to know what motivated her. Why equestrian? What did she love about horses? So I called her!  

 I felt an instant connection. We both love horses and all they stand for. A few adjectives that come to mind are; beautiful,  powerful, problem-solving, protective, headstrong, regal, courageous, devoted, majestic, kindhearted, instinctual, spirited, surefooted, strong and powerful. Horses have given us great joy over the years and have taught us both to have boundaries. But the more time you spend with these amazing animals, the more of these attributes rub off on you.



Designer Cindy G. with her horse Khumba CornwallDesigner Cindy G with her kids Jade and Kaelen and there dog Max


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