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I had the pleasure of meeting Karina Harris, Equestrian Lifestyle Blogger from THE HUNT at my design studio. Karina is absolutely lovely and i am soooo happy she loves all my designs :))) 

Read for your self: 

feature at THE HUNT - BRAND SPOTLIGHT: AtelierCG™




I was thrilled when I found out equestrian accessory brand, Atelier CG, was a Los Angeles local! I was even more thrilled when owner/designer Cindy invited me to visit her studio. 

From bags made from butter soft leather with reins used for straps to leather-laced bracelets, the brand stays true to its slogan, “Don’t let them tame you.” This phrase is etched on one of their bracelets, which is one of my favorites – I wound up not being img_7663.jpg

able to leave without one for myself. When I see the little inscription, I’m reminded to take that leap of faith, to take a chance, and most of all, to stay true to myself.



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