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Super comfy and stylish for your everyday Street to Stable Luxury! 

If you are like me, i live in breeches! So here you go: Meet Citaion, our full seat lightweight riding tights. Featuring a 4" high waist band with our slogan "don't let them tame you" on the back, two side pockets for treats or a place to hold your gloves .  .  . Citation is made out of 80% polyester and 20% elastic, providing comfort and a 4 way stretch for the ultimate pleasure in or out of the saddle.


- UV Protection

- Breathable

- Side Pockets

- Moister controlling

- 4 way stretch


Available for pre-order



 Size Chard                US  & CANADA                 EU SIZES        

  XS                                    24                                    34                                 

  S                                      26                                    36

  M                                     28                                    38

  L                                      30                                    40